Quality Jewellery From the Heart of Western Australia.

LIFESTYLE Kalgoorlie Reflections
ESSENCE Bed of Pearls
QUALITY Rogers Jewellers

Our Nuggets

The gold we use is sourced locally in the Kalgoorlie area and purchased directly from prospectors. With nature's craftsmanship in mind, we choose the most interesting nuggets to create one of a kind pieces.

gold nuggets

Our Pearls

We choose only Western Australian and South Sea pearls which are hand selected by our jeweller. This process ensures that each pearl has consistent quality in luster, color, and shape, and helps us to provide our customers with the finest pearls available.


Our Diamonds

Capitalizing on the beauty of Western Australian diamonds, our pieces contain only the brightest and clearest of stones. With a full range of colours and cuts, we strive to give our customers stunning diamonds at the best price possible.